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Ch. Storiline Because of WinnDixie

Dixie with her Foster mom Cheryl

Dixie with her Foster mom Cheryl

Fiinishing her Can. Championship

Fiinishing her Can. Championship

Born   April 30 2011

Sire :   Am. CH SHR Mirasol Nose No Blarney RA JH OA OAJ NF CCA WC VCX OS

Dam :  Can. CH Storiline's Georgie Girl

Let me tell you a little bit about my girl Dixie.  First, she is incredibly healthy and has an amazing personality -- which seems to be typical of all Storiline puppies.  


Dixie loves to meet new people, to the extent that she will even ignore other dogs in the area and instead focus on introducing herself to any person in the vicinity -- big or small, male or female, although she loves children the best!  And just like a typical Golden, she loves to play ball, fetch anything she can, swim and just run around simply for the joy of running.  


Her favorite thing to do though is just hang out with her 'humans', whether it's watching tv (and she does actually watch, she loves 'Pick a Puppy' the best), or to garden in the backyard or go for walks.  It doesn't matter what it is, she just wants to be by my side.  She walks me to the front door when I leave for work, and she sits at the front window waiting for me to come home.  


She definitely has her quirky side as well.  She has to sleep with at least one toy in her mouth, sometimes 3 if she can fit them in her mouth!   Even though she will drink from a puddle when she is outside, in the house the water in her dish must be fresh and cold.  Unfortunately one of her quirks is to 'fetch' clean socks as we are trying to put them on, and hide them -- but at least she doesn't chew them!  


​If she doesn't want me to leave the house without her, she takes my shoe and runs! If you are thinking of getting a Golden pup, you cannot go wrong by choosing a puppy from Storiline. He or she will become the best friend you will ever have.





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