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                                                                in a land not so far away was a young lady who loved dogs, horses and many other great animals.  Her love of Golden Retrievers began as a child.  Her passion for the breed grew as she did.  She began showing and breeding goldens in 1983.
She studied to be a Veterinarian, graduated in 1985 and later opened her own practice named  Chidiac Animal Hospital.  
The foundation of this kennel is a lovely Golden girl Alice who was the most amazing of dogs.
Yes, this is my story and I welcome you to the Storiline Kennels website.  Please be sure to check out Alice's Story on Our Girls page  and also check the Puppies Page for news about our current litter.   We are taking reserverations if you are interested in a Storiline Golden.
                                                                                                             Barbara Ann




Once upon a time...

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